Log – Fishing vessel RX60 Alfie Elliot, 9.2 meters long, 7.75 registered tonnes, engine power 52kW, 58 VCU, wooden hull, built in 1969. The skipper  is Graham Coglan, with a crew of two. Part of the Hastings beach launched fleet.

Conditions & Location – Launched at 4.00 GMT. Conditions calm, sunny, not particularly warm for August. Fishing within a few miles offshore of Hastings.

Gear – Set gill net, 90 mm. Set the previous day. Ice not currently used.

Catch – (Dover) sole and plaice. Three boxes, reckoned a poor catch for the day. Number of plaice and sole under the legal landing size was minimal (3 fish?), indicating that the nets were correctly set. Other species – A handful of thornback rays. Many small spider and velvet crabs were caught, but regarded as worthless, and smashed out of net to prevent delay. ca 20 whelks.

Landed 8.58 GMT

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